Most of us, even animal lovers, see great benefits to technology and would not hesitate to use it. You might be able to sell more homes as a real estate agent with the help of smartphone and wifi and could use a computer to type up all of your reports for school. But, there are some who still choose to live without even the basics of advancement, like indoor plumbing and electricity. If you've ever encountered Amish people then you might wonder why they choose this sort of life. Understanding them could help you to appreciate the smaller things that we have.

The first thing that you should understand is that all people living in an Amish lifestyle do not follow the exact same list of rules and guidelines. Each Amish community has their own Ordnance, which is a written or oral set of rules for everything from how people are able to dress to how they can make a living. The reason that your won't see many Amish farmers using technology or using it sparingly is that they believe that it weakens the family structure. And you certainly wouldn't find someone from this community booking a spa appointment or getting the latest iPod. City residents might wonder how they get along without cars but they also commonly don't go far from their own village.

One of the first things that people usually notice about people of the Amish faith is how they dress. Even a lawyer who is dressing as professionally as possible will generally not look as modest as the women of this community. And you will rarely find any Amish person without some sort of covering on their head. There are also specific rules about cutting hair and men only growing out their beard after they are married. And if you've got belts, gloves, or sweaters in the home then you might be interested to know that these things are forbidden in the Amish faith.

While you might not have seen many people of the Amish faith at university. education is quite important to them within their own community. In the rest of the country you can get an apprenticeship working with a trade. This is how men generally get trained for their profession within the Amish community. Family life is also very important to them. It is not rare to have six or more children and everyone within the household has their own role and duties. Men usually work while women stay home to take care of the house and children.

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