This page is brought to you in part by the good people from Appletree Dental Don Mills - children's dentist. We appreciate all of our sponsor's support! Yes, we're a site dedicated to horses and our love for them but we also know that the days of riding around in a horse and buggy are long gone for most people. Unless you find yourself in a pumpkin patch or fall festival that offers horse-drawn carriage rides you don't have many opportunities to be transported by the legs of a horse, no matter how beautiful it would be to see Central Park in a horse-drawn carriage. However, horse-drawn carriage rides aren't offered everywhere so for those of you who rely on other forms of transportation to get you from here to there it may be best to just not think about the olden days of the horse and buggy method of transportation.

It's easy to pinpoint the day transportation changed and that was the day the wheel was invented. It would take some time for the wheel to fully realize its capabilities but with the advent of certain inventions to go along with the wheel the way we went about our everyday lives would eventually be revolutionized forever. We would go from the horse and buggy days to the world we live in now that sees us being able to go from one end of the country to the other thanks to the airplane, or the ability to deliver important products, such as safety barricades, by truck to those who need them. In the market for barricades? Contact Remember that the next time you find yourself in a taxi, you are there because the wheel was invented.

Just look at the options we have when having to go from one place to next, be it from home to work, from home to school, or from home to your appointment if you can imagine it! We can transport ourselves in a bicycle, on rollerblades, on a skateboard, on shoes that have wheels, in cars, in buses, by underground subway cars, by train, by streetcars, by boat, and, as we already mentioned, by plane. We can even travel to the moon by way of a spaceship! Of course, not everybody has access to a spaceship but the technology is there if you ever decide that you want stop working in retail and take a stab at an astronaut career.

No matter the method of transportation we take we will always have options to choose from when having to travel. Not too mention how some of us rely on transportation methods such as vacuum trucks for work. Plus, we still have our feet to take us wherever we have to go if for some reason our car breaks down or our bike gets a flat tire. So, don't go taking your feet for granted just because you own a car.

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