Mention to somebody that you're taking a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota and immediately they'll tell you that you have to go to the Mall of America. The United States is known for its big shopping mall industry but the Mall of America takes it to a completely new level. While the mall itself is actually located in Bloomington, Minnesota it's actually a pretty short drive away from downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul.

In fact, a one-way cab ride from either of the Twin Cities won't cost you more than $26. That's a price worth paying to be able to say that you went to and shopped in the second largest mall in the United States in terms of retail space and the largest mall in the United States based on total enclosed floor area.

Whenever anybody goes to a mall it's to do some shopping, be it to shop for clothes, jewelry or organic diapers. If there's something you need to buy you will be able to find it at the mall and that's most certainly true when it comes to the Mall of America. Why is that? Well, the Mall of America is currently home to over 400 different shops and there is always new construction going on and companies moving into the Mall of America. A few examples of shops located in the Mall of America include Abercrombie & Fitch, the Apple Store, GUESS, Lids, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters.

Just like any mall shopping isn't the only thing to do and many go to a mall to eat. At the Mall of America you can eat some shrimp at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., sushi at Crave, southern barbecue dishes at Famous Dave's BBQ, and soups at Pardon My French. Whether you're a foodie or looking for a quick bite your appetite will be fulfilled at the Mall of America.

So, you know that the Mall of America is about shopping and dining and you're probably thinking to yourself what's the big deal? All malls are like that, right? Right. However, what puts the Mall of America over the top of all those other malls is their attractions.

During your visit to the Mall of America you can enter car sweepstakes draws, go on an indoor rollercoaster ride at Nickelodeon Universe, get up close and personal with over 10,000 sea creatures at SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium, take in a movie showing, and indulge your inner child by playing with LEGOs at the LEGO store. Where else can you do any of those things in a mall?

Now that you know all about the Mall of America we hope that you decide to see it for yourself up close! Need to prepare for your trip? Visit Mall of America's website.

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