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When most of us imagine life on a ranch, scenes from old westerns and movies like City Slickers might come to mind. The majority of us have traded in barns and caring for horses for somewhere like suburbia with a car in the driveway and easy access to public transportation. But, there are still some that see the best side of life in the country and want to live life on a ranch. Here is a little bit about what that might mean.

A ranch is classified as any farm that focusing on the raising of livestock. While you might think of the people living there as cowboys on horseback, the truth is that a ranch can raise anything from cows and sheep to ostriches or bison. And while you're going to want to make sure that there is room for a barn of horses when you're looking at land for sale to build a ranch, you should remember that most ranches have other animals as their main focus. But it is possible to have a ranch for the purpose of raising and training horses.

The daily chores on a ranch are going to be numerous no matter what types of animals you're dealing with but the tasks that you do will definitely depend on what you're producing. If you're on a ranch that's breeding cows than you might spend your mornings feeding. If you're on a horse ranch in Texas than you might get to spend the morning in the saddle helping to train a younger animal. One of the biggest things about living on a working ranch opposed to living in more standard real estate is that there is always going to be something to do in terms of keeping the place going and in working older. You might have a dozen chores to do in a day rather than just the one that you would have at the house.

There is a big upside to living life on a ranch and that is that you usually have the luxury of a lot of open space. Some are set into the mountains while others are in large valleys that go on for miles. If you're someone who loves the outdoors and couldn't imagine yourself living in the city han you might be more than willing to take on the extra work in exchange for living somewhere peaceful that is full of nature and adventure. That is what you will get with a life living on a ranch in the country.

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